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Tickets, passes

The price of the G1 racing license is 950 HUF, it is valid for one year and the owner can recieve discounts and participate in promotions.

  • Tickets with G1 racing license
  • Adult gokart 2 000 HUF,- / 8 min / person
  • Kid gokart 2 000 HUF,- / 8 min / person
  • Student gokart (on weekdays) 1 800 HUF,- / 8 min / person

  • Season tickets with G1 racing license
  • 3 round daily pass 5 500 HUF,-
  • 5 round season ticket 8 500 HUF,-
  • 10 round season ticket 16 000 HUF,-

Season tickets are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

  • Tickets without G1 racing license
  • 1 round ticket 2 300 HUF,- / 8 min / person

  • Accepted payment methods
  • Cash (HUF)
  • Credit card (visa, maestro, mastercard)
  • "SZÉP kártya" (OTP, MKB)
  • "AYCM kártya" (Once a day, if your card is bigger than "M")
  • Feldobox


Happy Monday!

On Mondays the 3 round daily ticket is only 4 500 HUF,- instead of 6 900 HUF,-.

Birthday a'la G1!

Bring your friends and drive with them on your birthday for FREE! In every round when you (the celebrated) buy a ticket together with friends you (the celebrated) get a round for free. This is G1 Gokart Center's gift for you! Happy birthday :)

Student discount!

Show us your student ID and as an adult feel yourself a child again - you can race for 1 800 HUF / round price. The discount is valid on workingdays from 14:00-18:00 and on Sundays.

All the discounts are available only with G1 racing license with an annual fee of 950 HUF,-. Several discounts can not be combined. The infromation is not complete details on the site. Conditions are subject to alteration without notice.

Gift voucher

Whichever package you choose, you are able to give it as a gift as well!

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