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Frequently asked questions

How long is the track and how many karts can be on it at the same time?
Track is about 450 meters long and maximum 9 karts can be on it at the same time.
What kind of engine do the karts have?
Our SODIKART gokarts have 10 horsepower engines. The undercarriage and the gear ratio are adjusted to the track, so the machines can be easily and quickly driven.
Is it required to wear a helmet
Do the gokarts have manual or automatic transmission?
They are automatic but if I want to be precise I would rather say that the engines are fitted with fixed steering ratio oil rotary centrifugal clutch. That's similar to scooters.
How is it better to go on the track? With high speed and a little bit of drifting in curves or rather with breaks and slow-downs before cuves?
Before bigger curves it is recommended to break in the straight line before the curve and after that first with low gas at the beginning of the curve and high gas as coming out from the curve. Try to avoid drifting if you want to get a better lap time.
I have never driven a gokart. Can anyone teach me?
Of course. The guys working in our center are active or heretofore active racers. We can helpf you, don't worry!
Is it possible to compete on the track? Is collision allowed?
After some practicing of course you can take part in a competition with others or with your friends. Please avoid collision because it is dangerous. Until the race does not look like a dodgem party we will not stop it.
I was not preparing for coming here, will my dresses be dirty?
No, we previde sparco racing overalls, fresh hygiene masks and helmets in every size. In the lobby there are lockable cabinets.
From what age is it possible to drive a gokart?
It mainly depens on the height. From 130 cm and 9 years old kids can drive kid carts, from 150 cm they can use regular adult karts.
Is the track slippery?
The track is treated with a special coating which was tested by professional racers. If the track has not been used in the past hours after a little warming up (2 laps) it has the proper traction.

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